"I have always loved to travel, meet new people, experience new cultures, eat new food.....

and photograph it all.

                                                       ~~~Skip Nelson


About us.

Post Office Box 1946

Edmonds, Washington 98020-1946

USA    1.206.310.7510

Vietnam   +84.129.648.2761

Skip Nelson announces the re-opening of his photographic,

video and advertising business in Edmonds, Washington.

Mr. Nelson, a native Washingtonian from Kent, started taking pictures seriously  

while serving with the U.S. Army in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968.       

In 1971, while working as a producer for a local cable television station, Channel 10, in Palm Desert, California, he photographed then  President Richard M. Nixon  at the dedication of

Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, and was subsequently honored with a cover shot  

on CATV Magazine, a national industrial publication.            

In 1977, Mr. Nelson applied to and was accepted at  Brooks Institute of Photography  

in Santa Barbara, California, regarded as one of the finest photography schools in the world.          

After studying at Brooks Institute, Mr. Nelson returned home to the town of Palm Desert, California,

near Palm Springs, and started his professional photographic career  and created

Zone Five Productions, which eventually, morphed into Image Tree Productions in 1983.     

He was also one of the private photographers for former President, Gerald R. Ford.       

Image Tree Productions, to embrace the larger media field, in 2004 became  Image Tree Media.                 

In it ’ s current incarnation, we present  White Lotus Digital Media.          

In this new venture in Edmonds, Skip hopes to do more of the fine quality jewelry

and product illustration, interior and exterior design work he has done in the past,

but also sees possibilities to expand into many other areas,

including wedding videos, legal and insurance photography,  graphic arts, media and web design,

while continuing to travel and capture images of the world and the people that inhabit it.